My paintings represent a personal language created through the use of color, texture, composition and action. By pushing, scraping, dripping, using diferent tools and materials and throwing paint, i create a visual history of my own response to these complex elements. It is an active process intermingling various elements and materials into one final composition. I love to go "over the edge" to explore new possibilitys and expressions, to surprise myself and the viewer.

As I paint I forever seek the balance between negative/positive, light/dark, thin/thick.  I use great sweeping gestures against calm breathing spaces.  The splatter, gesture, and stroke is sometimes planned and sometimes a result of the intuitive process when I work and the outcome is how it will affect the final result of the painting.  I find the harmony of contradictory visual ideas, both beautiful and exciting.             

For me the intuitive painting process has become a visual equivalent of meditation.  I let the paint act as my medium.  The titles have been invented as a part of this process and are also a part of the final result.

Mats have gained international attention and have exhibited in New York, Berlin, Amsterdam, Florence, Piza, London, Stockholm, Copenhagen and Norway. Represented by collectors in Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, USA and France.

Member of VSKG - Västra Skånes Konstnärsgille





Studio MA Brännerigatan 38 i Höganäs

Vernissage 24 okt


VERNISSAGE 24 okt kl 12-16

För min separatutställning på Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom i Stockholm, Hornsgatan 36. Utställningen pågår t.o.m. 4 nov.

Vernissage 13 juni

Sommarutställning i trädgården hos Harry Oxenblå på Kullagatan 109 i Höganäs. Vernissage kl 12-16 den 13 juni.

Vernissage för min nästa SOLO utställning i Stockholm

7 september 2019 kl. 13-18

Galleri Ekvall+Törnblom, Hornsgatan 36 i Stockholm